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Our History

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The devastating floods in the autumn of 1962 marked a significant date for the people of Vallés Occidental and for Faustino Corral. Faustino, our founder, was working on the debris removal and cleaning of the municipal schools in the area, which were flooded by the mud. His work at that time was the pillar of the initiative he undertook: to create a company with which to offer the Terrassa market the outsourcing of cleaning tasks.

In 1962 Limpiezas Netto was founded, the origin of the current Tot-Net, consolidating in a few years as a benchmark for cleaning services throughout the province of Barcelona.

The economic crisis of the 80s forced the company to make a series of changes and new proposals.

With a new spirit of renewal, we created NETEGES TOT NET S.A.

The good work and professionalism of the company over the following years meant that throughout the 1990s we were already active in the four Catalan provinces.

But it was with the arrival of the 21st century when Tot-Net opted to promote new projects, proposing to our clients the outsourcing of tasks outside their main activity, as well as taking care of other auxiliary services such as: disinfection in critical areas, pest control, maintenance of facilities or gardening.

Tot-Net currently has facilities in Madrid and Barcelona, and is a founding member of the Ibérica Servicios Integrales Group, a privilege that allows us to serve clients throughout Spain and Portugal.


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