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Commitments Tot-Net

The health of our workers comes first

Certification in the ISO 45001 Standard for the Prevention of Occupational Risks and Health Surveillance guarantees our efforts to achieve the objective of a zero accident rate and that all Tot-Net personnel carry out their work with the maximum guarantees for their health and physical integrity.

We ensure quality and continuous improvement

We work for the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Tot-Net’s objective is continuous improvement, and for this reason, every year we review our processes and our work system based on the aforementioned ISO standard, rectifying any deviations detected and making improvements that enable us to improve the quality of our service.

Equal treatment and opportunities

We work to ensure that, in a sector where the majority of the workforce is made up of women, everyone has the same opportunities regardless of their sexual condition. We also make all our decisions with a view to reconciling the work and personal lives of our employees.

Environmental conservation

We have environmental certification according to ISO 14001;2015 standards.  In accordance with the integrated policy and ethical values of our environment, at Tot-Net we work to minimise the environmental impact on our surroundings, maintaining a responsible approach with the aim of avoiding pollution and promoting actions to protect the environment.

social action

Our projects


Selective Training

For several years, Tot-Net has been collaborating with work reintegration entities and economic promotion areas, with the aim of being able to insert people in situations of unemployment or at risk of social exclusion for personal, economic and physical and/or mental disability reasons into the labour market.

Sports Sponsorship

In recent years, Tot-Net has become the sponsor of the Catalan Cycling Federation's road race numbers. This sponsorship agreement reinforces the company's commitment to sport, especially cycling. Tot-Net is one of the main sponsors of the Terrassa Ciclisme Club cycling team. It also sponsors the Penya Ciclista Cavall Bernat Tot-Net, an entity founded in 1982. The company's commitment to sports sponsorship is completed with the sponsorship of the after-school activity Kames Kids.

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