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Office Cleaning

The image given by companies in many different industries is usually associated with that of their offices. The activities of many companies in different business sectors – banking, insurance, head offices, large corporations, etc. – are also concentrated in office buildings.

Administrative staff need to work in a comfortable, pleasant, safe and clean environment. The sensation of cleanliness must also be perceived by those entering office buildings. To achieve this, cleaning activities must be aimed at meeting and exceeding expectations.

Tot Net guarantees the environmental safety of the products it uses in these vital areas and assures customers that its staff are all fully trained.

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Technical Cleaning

At Tot-Net, we understand technical cleaning to be that which complements ordinary cleaning in the different spaces and sectors where the service is provided: machinery, equipment and industrial installations are usually the preferred areas of action. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

The cleanliness of offices and offices, whether open or closed to the public, is of vital importance not only for the health of workers, but also to improve the image projected by a company to those who visit it. It can mean winning or losing a client, since the state of the facilities generates greater or lesser confidence by representing how carefully what is offered or negotiated will be taken care of. For this reason, it is important to hire a specialised company that knows what issues to attend to in detail.

In this sense, as a cleaning company specialising in office cleaning, Tot-Net offers a complete service, previously analysing all the issues that differentiate each company or premises (surface area where desks are located, number of employees, surface area of toilets, existence of an office or canteen…). The aim is that the company can relieve itself of the administrative and operational effort involved in managing the maintenance tasks of its facilities, thus really focusing its activity on improving productivity. The peculiarities of the equipment used will determine which type of chemical product is used to care for each surface. On the other hand, it will also be important to establish a control of the frequency and technique of each sanitising task, so that it does not hinder or disturb the usual dynamics of meetings and work processes, and so that the spaces in public view always remain spotless.

At Tot-Net, we regularly check that our quality standards are met by supervising the work of our employees. If you need more information about our professional office cleaning service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The keys to office maintenance and cleaning are to be found in a series of points that it is very important not to overlook. We are talking about the cleaning of furniture, the proper maintenance of upholstered furniture due to its tendency to absorb dirt and dust, the maintenance of tables, shelves and synthetic cabinets, and the disinfection of electronic devices such as telephones and computer equipment.

The most critical areas to be taken into account in the gymnasium cleaning protocol for organising tasks, rotation of shifts and routine supervision are:

Changing rooms: essential to take maximum care in microbiological cleaning with broad-spectrum disinfectants.

Showers: Body dirt left on walls, floors and partitions should be removed with chlorinated disinfectant. Attention should be paid to limescale build-up.

Water areas (spa, swimming pool): Attention to floors is vital because of the continuous contact with bare feet. The use of pressure machines is not advisable in these areas.

Machine room: Sweat on machines spoils materials, leaves a bad smell and can transmit diseases. The use of neutral disinfectant detergents is recommended.

When the gymnasium closes its doors, deep cleaning should be carried out. With growing concern about the spread of viral diseases such as Covid-19, many fitness centres are now considering disinfection methods such as hydrogen peroxide and ozone foggers. These are adjuncts to cleaning protocols, rather than routine methods.

At Tot-Net, the office cleaning procedure has been standardised through the creation of our own method that seeks maximum efficiency in tailor-made services. This work system foresees a possible absence of our workers for unforeseen reasons, and they can be replaced at any time without affecting the quality of the work.

Our professional cleaning carried out by qualified personnel aims to give a serious and careful image of each business, taking into account that these are usually visited by customers or partners. Order and proper hygiene will help to create a good working environment.

Office cleaning is mainly focused on keeping the workspace clean, with desks, computers, chairs, furniture, etc. In order to keep the facilities spotless, it is necessary to follow a protocol, as we are usually talking about very large spaces, with several floors even, that house large workforces. This protocol will determine the frequency of attention to be paid to each area of the establishment.

The toilet and service area, if there is one, will be attended to more frequently than, for example, the meeting rooms and work desks during working hours, so as not to disturb the office employees. As far as possible, a general cleaning should be carried out before office workers start their working day.

In the ordinary cleaning of this type of premises, there are a series of tasks that do not have to be done every day, such as cleaning glass or places that are more difficult to access, and others, such as dusting surfaces and scrubbing floors, that do. Furniture, electronics and flooring, in general, are what needs to be taken care of every day. Simple vacuuming of carpeted floors should also be routine.

Tot-Net also offers companies the ozone cleaning service for deep sanitisation, as ozone is a natural disinfectant of maximum power that eliminates all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, bad odours and mites.

In order to maintain our quality standards, the work of our professional team is supervised from time to time by Tot-Net on site. If you need more information about our office cleaning services, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Making an office cleaning estimate is a task in which several factors must be taken into account. Normally, professional companies that are dedicated to this type of sanitisation previously analyse the facilities of the company that is considering hiring them.

Although in an office the workers spend most of their time at a desk in front of their computer, in addition to the proportions of the surface area and the number of employees it houses, it is important to know the peculiarities of the sector in which the maintenance will be carried out. This will determine the level of clutter and dirt that is usually generated in a given period of time. This will determine how often the facilities need to be serviced on a daily or weekly basis, as well as whether it will be necessary to establish shifts of several operators.

The usual traffic of people, the number of meetings held during the day, the number of toilets, whether there is a service area with sink and fridge, type of floor (carpeted, parquet or paving), height of glass and lighting systems, whether there is a private parking area, outdoors… These are all notable issues that will be taken into account. The service will have an additional cost when specialised technical personnel in charge of specific machinery is required, for example for floor polishing or access to high areas.

The cleaning company Tot Net has developed its own method of efficient cleaning by standardising its work systems, something that aims to offer a service tailored to each client and reduce costs by between 7% and 10%.

To request a quote from Tot-Net you can access our online contact form or contact us by phone.


At Empresa de Limpiezas Tot-Net we have implemented an occupational risk prevention management system to ensure the health of our workers in accordance with the specifications of the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate issued by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification AENOR. This document complies with the OHSAS 18001:2007 specifications for the cleaning of buildings and premises and the marketing of cleaning products. In addition, our operation as a company is guaranteed by compliance with the UNE-EN ISO9001:2008 standard through the Quality Management System Certificate.

Due to the chemistry of most of the compounds with which we carry out our services, at Tot Net we are concerned about making an appropriate use of resources so that our activity has the minimum ecological impact. For this reason we hold the Environmental Management System Certificate in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 standard.

A good premises cleaning service must take into account the purpose of the spaces in which it is working. It helps to give a serious and consolidated image of the business, whether they are small shops or large retail outlets, or offices where the client is usually called upon. When a company manages its cleaning department internally, it tends to add an administrative and operational burden to its functions that distracts it from its real objectives. Having an external cleaning service for your company in Barcelona has many benefits.

Firstly, it guarantees full knowledge of the necessary disinfection materials, which are sometimes important to store in a special way because of their delicate use. In addition, their extensive experience in dealing with different suppliers and cleaning brands on the market means that material costs are minimised because their profitability has been studied beforehand. Another great advantage of hiring an external cleaning company is having the peace of mind that the staff is highly trained and has been constantly trained to work in each space effectively and efficiently, sometimes handling special machinery that, without the experience required, leads to a large number of accidents at work.

Cleaning Company Tot Net has a staff of professionals selected to carry out the cleaning and disinfection of commercial premises and offices in Barcelona in the most competent way possible. In addition to ordinary cleaning, we are experts in technical cleaning of machinery, equipment and industrial installations. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The audit of the cleaning service of commercial and office premises must be external to the company in question so that the results can be issued objectively and independently, so that its credibility is total. It is carried out for medium-sized or large companies, public administrations or cleaning companies that want to review and update their services. While quality is the ultimate goal in auditing, when it comes to supervision, the aim is to encourage the team to carry out their work and provide greater value to their clients. Maintaining quality will be one of the objectives, but not the only one, of this supervision.

Limpiezas Tot Net, with more than 50 years of experience in Spain and Portugal, carries out sanitisation service audits not only in commercial or office premises, but also for other sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, educational centres, hotels and restaurants, so that they can comply with the requirements established by the Health Administration with peace of mind. For more information, please contact us on 900 330 099.

The cleaning service audit of commercial and office premises is used to analyse compliance with processes, frequencies and techniques dedicated to the sanitisation of spaces in public view or work areas, windows and places that are difficult to access. Its ultimate aim is to improve the quality of service by identifying problems and opportunities for improvement.

Our technical department, in close collaboration with the Quality and R&D&I Department, carries out an analysis of the facilities, taking into account the peculiarities of the professional activity of each premises. In this study, technical and safety data sheets of the products are checked and their application is reviewed. Based on the results, we determine whether the current cleaning service available is in accordance with the requirements of the work area and we recommend the most suitable cleaning plan for your needs.

Empresa de Limpiezas Tot-Net also provides you with an estimate of the cleaning service in accordance with the results of this audit in order to reduce costs and increase the quality of the service in your company.

Contact for more information.

First impressions can make or break a relationship, which is why premises cleaning in Barcelona is so important. Simply having the best prices is not enough if the premises are dirty.

Below, we list some of the tasks that cannot be missed in this type of cleaning and that it is advisable to have a specialised cleaning team carry out:

         Remove clutter.

         Clean up spilled liquids immediately.

     Completely clean the screens on the premises.

     Clean any lighting fixtures in the venue.

     Clean any public toilets on the premises.

For more information about the cleaning of premises in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact Tot-Net.

In order to contract the cleaning of premises in Barcelona, it is essential that you first contact us by telephone or email, or by sending us a request for a quote.

From here, our technical department will contact you to carry out an audit – if you already have a cleaning service.

Depending on the results of this audit, we will send you a personalised quote in which we will try to prioritise the reduction of costs and the increase in the quality of the service.

The cleaning of premises focuses on the elements most visible to the public – in the case of commercial premises: shelves, displays, shop windows, etc.; and on keeping the workspace clean, in the case of office premises: desks, computers, chairs, furniture, etc.

In addition to the cleaning of these elements, we also clean glass and places with difficult access.

If you would like a personalised estimate for the cleaning of premises, do not hesitate to contact the Tot-Net team.

Chemical disinfectants are chemical substances that kill or disarm pathogenic microorganisms. Among the main chemical elements used for the manufacture of this type of disinfectants we can find: bromine, chlorine, copper or silver ionisation, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide or chloramines.

Some chemical disinfectants also make use of ozone and UV.

Ozone cleaning for companies provides deep sanitisation and disinfection, as ozone is a powerful natural disinfectant that eliminates all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, bad smells and mites from the environment without using any type of chemical product.

For its correct use, ozone generators are necessary to transform oxygen into ozone and to be able to clean and disinfect the environment. In the cleaning sector, ozone is used for the disinfection of hotels, offices, educational centres and nurseries, and industrial cleaning. Ozonised water is also suitable for cleaning windows, as it does not leave any residue and the results are brilliant.

Yes, it is necessary to have an occupational risk prevention protocol in cleaning services for companies, as the personnel that form part of the cleaning team are considered a fundamental pillar.

That is why Tot Net has teams trained in specific cleaning processes and in the use of mechanical elements that help them in their tasks. Consequently, continuous theoretical and practical training and awareness-raising sessions are necessary for the people who form part of these teams.

In terms of sustainability in its cleaning services for companies, Tot Net is committed to the elimination of single-use plastics and the use of reusable glass bottles for its customers.

Likewise, it is also committed to responsible management in the recycling of plastics through authorised managers who guarantee the respectful treatment of these plastics. Furthermore, an environmental management system was implemented in 2006 and has recently been renewed.


The main objective of the disinfection and rat extermination service for companies offered by Tot Net is to eliminate the number of pathogenic agents so that they are not harmful to health and prevent the proliferation of any type of microorganism in the vegetative phase.

For this reason, Tot Net has specialised equipment and resources that efficiently carry out the disinfection and rat extermination of enclosed spaces at three levels of action: low, medium or high intensity.

The main objective of implementing an office cleaning protocol is motivated by the large number of facilities and tasks that need to be tackled in order for the cleaning plan to be effective.

To this end, we will focus on the following points:

        Cleaning of furniture.
        Cleaning of electronic equipment.
        Cleaning of floors.
        Cleaning of other objects.

Window cleaning requires motivational skills and training. First of all, there must be a special motivation in the worker who is going to do it and a significant absence of vertigo, in the case of cleaning windows in high-rise buildings.

After appropriate training, the operator will be able to choose the main tools to be used, which product to use depending on the surface to be cleaned and the conditions in which the cleaning will take place, to choose the best crane or gondola, harnesses and protective equipment. In addition, the operator also receives psychological training to be able to work routinely for hours at high altitude.

Tot-Net provides cleaning services in Spain and Portugal. Its more than 50 years of experience endorse it as one of the best cleaning services companies in the sector. Thanks to the great professionalism of its staff, the levels of commitment to our customers can be very high and we can configure a wide range of optimal and quality services.

Tot-Net’s cleaning services for companies cover various sectors and industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, educational centres, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and leisure areas, and technical cleaning such as the cleaning of machinery or equipment.

Yes, among the services offered by Tot-Net is the cleaning of windows, facades and exterior elements. For this purpose, Tot Net has personnel specialised in this type of cleaning and in the use of lifting systems for this purpose – gondolas, platforms, scaffolding or other lifting systems.

Yes, office cleaning is one of the services offered by Tot-Net and in which special care is taken because it is the image that industries usually show to their visitors. With the aim that the staff working daily in the offices feel as comfortable as possible and that the feeling of cleanliness is also perceived from the outside, Tot Net’s professionals work daily to meet these expectations.

The necessary training that window cleaning personnel must receive involves knowing all the cleaning processes, the essential safety measures, and the use of lifting systems that will help them in their work.

In addition, this training also goes hand in hand with the occupational risk prevention protocol so that each worker internalises the risk involved in this type of work at height.

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