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Cleaning of Restaurants, Hotels and Leisure Areas

Clean and properly looked after facilities add a great deal of value to this type of establishments. In some cases, hygiene and the perception of cleanliness can make or break hotels, restaurants, betting establishments and theatres.

In this regard, users are increasingly demanding, and they publish their opinions on the internet. Cleaning is undoubtedly something customers take into account and perceive as important.

Here, the arrival of customers is especially eagerly anticipated, so making a good impression with care and cleanliness is essential.
Some of the areas where Tot Net offers its services and where users want to see high levels of cleanliness include:

Like the customers and guests who recommend and return to their favourite hotels, bars or restaurants, companies in the tourism sector choose Tot Net as their trusted partner, as they know our company can guarantee the necessary levels of hygiene, safety and quality.

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Technical Cleaning

At Tot-Net, we understand technical cleaning to be that which complements ordinary cleaning in the different spaces and sectors where the service is provided: machinery, equipment and industrial installations are usually the preferred areas of action. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Undoubtedly, cleaning and disinfection in the catering sector is important, as it adds a lot of value to this type of establishment. Obviously, the quality of the food must be fundamental, but also other details such as the optimal cleanliness of the dining room, the toilets or the kitchen.

That is why in Tot-Net we consider that this sector requires special attention and knowledge in terms of hygiene and cleanliness standards, which we always try to follow to the letter to avoid, for example, the appearance of pests. Thus, we recommend a minimum cleaning during each meal shift, whenever possible, depending on the number of visitors during the day.

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Cleanliness in restaurants and hotels is a value to which customers increasingly attach more importance and to which the management of these establishments should pay special attention.

That is why Tot-Net, together with the staff that the establishment already has for this task, is committed to offering a hygiene plan adapted to the needs of the establishment – whether total or partial – so that the hygienic aspect is never questioned by anyone.

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