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Technical Cleaning Service

At Tot-Net, we understand technical cleaning to be that which complements ordinary cleaning in the different spaces and sectors where the service is provided: machinery, equipment and industrial facilities are usually the preferred areas of action.

We have the material and professional resources and the necessary experience to carry out highly complex cleanings with guarantees, whether it is the cleaning of clean rooms, pits, silos, air ducts, or work at heights, among others. We specialise in cleaning in the food, industrial and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors.

Cleaning of Silos and Tanks

We are specialized in the cleaning and maintenance of silos, tanks and reservoirs for the food and chemical industry. We elaborate and develop maintenance, cleaning and disinfection plans based on HACCP principles.

Cleaning of pits and manholes

At Tot-Net we are specialists in the cleaning of manholes, sewers and septic tanks. We have all the material and state-of-the-art equipment to detect the source of the clog and provide a solution.

Duct cleaning

We are specialists in the cleaning of ventilation ducts. At Tot-Net, we have professional machinery and highly qualified and experienced personnel.  

ATEX Zones

In confined areas or explosive atmospheres, we use personal protective equipment specific to these areas, as well as self-contained breathing apparatus and gas measuring/detection equipment as required.

Industrial Machinery

Tot-Net provides cleaning services in industrial facilities in different specific areas. Cleaning of all types of machinery: packaging, liquid filling, injection, textile manufacturing, wood handling, graphic arts printing presses, etc.

Assembly lines

The industrial sector often depends on cleaning to ensure the proper functioning of production plants. At Tot-Net we dedicate resources and training, aware of the importance of our work, since, to a certain extent, we are part of the manufacturing process of your products.

Work at heights and vertical works

Tot-Net has teams made up of personnel duly trained both in cleaning processes and in the use of mechanical work aids, such as lifting systems, gondolas, platforms or scaffolding, as well as in their safety measures.

Roof and Deck Cleaning

One of the essential elements for the optimal conservation of any building is to keep its roof in perfect condition. The cleaning of roofs and ceilings allows to extend their useful life, in addition, it allows to identify any problem or deficiency.


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