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Tot-Net has taken a step forward with its business model, which, since the company was set up in 1962, has been based on the efficient, ethical and responsible management of our processes.

Strict compliance with the highest quality standards has allowed the company to achieve certification for its services under the most important international occupational health and safety, environmental management and quality standards.

These demonstrate that Tot-Net’s day-to-day activities are governed by an ethical responsibility system and that they comply with the current laws and regulations.

Therefore, in line with our model’s commitment to excellence, the Board of Directors of Tot-Net approved the creation of a Compliance Policy on 21 October 2019, aimed at controlling all risks deriving from our activities.

This compliance model must be followed by all employees, third parties and stakeholders and establishes the basic principles and framework for action, as well as the commitment to prevent any form of unlawful activity, promoting a culture of best practices, communication and awareness-raising in our environment and across the company.

The new model was also strengthened by the implementation of the Whistleblowing Channel, available on our website (, which our collaborators can use if needed, guaranteeing the effectiveness of our compliance system.

We trust that everyone associated with Tot-Net will once again show their professionalism by sticking to the Compliance Model and acting accordingly to prevent any form of unlawful behaviour that might damage our image and reputation.



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The Code of Ethics is an essential element of Tot-Net’s organisational and management model. It provides the guidelines for behaviour in different situations for all staff and collaborators in different scenarios, always in accordance with its values and principles.

Tot-Net’s Code of Ethics is designed in accordance with the company’s values:

This disciplinary system was set up in line with the principles and values set out in the Code of Ethics. This document is the instrument that must be used to guarantee the application of Tot-Net’s principles and values and compliance with them. The disciplinary penalties resulting from failing to observe the Code of Ethics are in line with employment law, and, in particular, with the Workers’ Charter and applicable agreements.

Tot-Net is committed to ensuring all laws are observed at all times. It has therefore set up a Whistleblowing Channel, which is governed by the ethical values and principles that must guide our relationships. Employees, freelance workers and customers can use the Whistleblowing Channel to report any irregular situation associated with breach of the Code of Ethics. Only the Compliance Officer will have access to this information in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the information supplied through this channel.

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